For the 10th anniversary of its first school in Mali (opened in 2008), UVS International decided to open a second school. Thus, in 2018, UVS International launched the building of a school in Senegal, in Saint-Louis area.


young Senegalese will be welcomed every year at this school


young Senegalese will have access to the indoor sports ground thanks to their schools


Talibé is the given name to the kids living in Senegalese streets. Often orphans, from poor families or demonized because of a disability : their homelessness can be explained by lots of reasons. Left all alone, their primary objective is often to find food and a roof under which they can sleep. In front of this devastating situation, Saint-Louis’ kids are looking for solutions in violence or drugs such as the glue that can be found in plastic bags. Unfortunately, kids who live with their families aren’t safe from misery either. Indeed, because of a lack of financial means, one out of two children does not go to school and is involved quite young in household chores or field labor.

UVS International School has a twofold objective. In collaboration with Saint-Louis’ social services, it will welcome and completely take care of some Saint-Louis’ street kids. UVS International School will have:

  • Dormitories to host the children
  • A refectory and a kitchen for the children’s meals
  • 3 classrooms
  • 1 administrative building
  • A barn for the breeding and a closed field
  • A sanitation bloc
  • A multisport indoor ground (basketball, volleyball and handball)
  • A football (soccer) field

Activities suggested by UVS International center will also support prevention campaigns about local health problems (malaria, typhus, etc.) and inform inhabitants of different topics such as children rights. The multisport indoor ground will be opened to the schools of Saint-Louis’ area in order to enable them do to sport in great conditions.

This project is financed by UEFA Foundation for Children.

Fondation UEFA pour l'enfance