As a proof that more and more companies want to give a real meaning to their actions, Decathlon joined UVS International in order to organize a solidary trip in Sri-Lanka.

Decathlon goes further in its believe that as many people as possible should be able do sports by inviting its employees to make sports available for Sri-Lankan youth. With this objective, 30 Alsace – Vosges – Bessoncourt decathlon employees took part in a solidary adventure with UVS International. The idea for Decathlon was to make employees from different places meet outside their work and make them do something useful and significant.

Different activites were scheduled : 

  • renovation of a school
  • life with host families
  • sports activities with pupils
  • provisioning school with Decathlon sports material
  • cultural visits

Find the trip video on our Youtube Channel


Photos taken by Fx Gaab. To view full size, don’t hesitate to click on them.