As part of their partnership, Decathlon and UVS International went to Senegal for a solidary trip in April 2018.

One year after the trip to Sri-lanka, 28 Decathlon employees from Alsace - Vosges and Bessoncourt stores and 10 UVS International members went to West Africa to reach the village of Lampsar, in Saint-Louis area.

Different activities were scheduled : 

  • The renovation of 3 buildings (including 6 classrooms) : coat, sandpapering, painting and floors renovation with new screeds
  • Repair of school equipment (tables and chairs)
  • Living with the locals
  • Various sporting activities with scholars
  • Sporting Decathlon equiment given to the school
  • Cultural visits

Photos taken by Fx Gaab (don't hesitate to click to enlarge them)