For the third time, UVS International and Adidas achieved a solidary project together but this time, in a new country : Nepal.

23 Adidas employees, 10 relatives and Coralie Balmy, special guest of this trip, took off for Galang in Ghorka area, a village close to the epicenter of the 2015 earthquake. The after-effects of this event are sadly still visible… The project, in terms of work, may be the biggest one that the association has ever done:

  • 3 buildings to renovate (including a two-floor one)
  • 11 classrooms
  • Clear away the rubble due to the earthquake
  • Do the pebbledash for one of the buildings
  • 440 litres of paint
  • 300 kgs of cement

At the same time as the renovation actions and in order to support Adidas' believe “Through sports, you have the power to change lives”, sports activities were organized with pupils and village children. At the end of the trip, a sporting dotation was also left to the school in order to make benefits of sport remain.

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Photos taken by Fx Gaab. To view full size, don't hesitate to click on them !