A solidary trip - Frank Schneider, Benin 2008


Hello, my name is Frank Schneider, I’m a federal referee and here you can find my chronicles in Benin.

Bénin Porto-Novo 2008

Benin, Porto-Novo 2008


Tony Chapron (Ligue 1 referee), Johann Perruaux (assistant referee) and Franck Schneider (Ligue 1 referee) met in Porto-Novo in order to administer courses for referees of the local league.

Algérie Boumerdes 2006

Algeria, Boumerdes 2006


After the earthquake that touched the coastal area of Algeria (2,278 casualties and 11,450 wounded), our project had for objective to revive the practice of sports in the commune of Bourmedes.

RICHARSON Jackson Saint Louis 2006

Senegal, Saint-Louis 2006 - "Les Barjots"


Jackson Richardson and "Les barjots", winners of the 1995 World Men's Handball Championship and bronze medalists at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games were in Saint-Louis, Senegal with UVS International.

Roumanie Ocland

Romania, Ocland 2005


UVS International travelled to Ocland (region of Harghita) to launch a program of access to sport, reconciliation and unity through sport.

Mali bankass 2004

Mali, Bankass 2004 - Jeep Neuhof, PAM Meinau


For 15 days, 12 young residents of Neuhof and the Meinau districts (Strasbourg priority neighborhoods) had done a remarkable sporting and humanitarian work in Mali.