Gevrise emane

Travel Testimony - Gévrise Emane, Senegal 2013


Gévrise Emane, who was involved in the solidary trip in Senegal, gives us her testimony.

Gevrise emane

Senegal, Sanar 2013 - adidas


In october 2013, the association UVS International organised its first humanitarian trip with its sponsor, Adidas.

Voyage solidaire jeunes sénégal 2010

Senegal, Saint-Louis 2010 - UVS youths


For some of them, it was their first trip ever. For others, it was the first time they left France, on their way to… Senegal !

Ecole UVS Mali 2010

Mali, Sala 2010


Baptiste Steinmetz and Alexandre Schmerber are STAMPS students (Sciences and technics of physical and spoil activities) and for their bachelor degree, they are setting up a human

Ecole UVS Mali 2008

Travel Testimony - Olivia, Mali 2009


Olivia, currently studying for an Anthropology master degree at university, went for the first time this summer as a volunteer in Mali. With some friends, she stayed several weeks at the UVS School.

Emma Chaouanne 2008

Travel Testimony - Emma, Mali 2008


Emma, appointed by UVS International in order to follow the UVS school project process in Mali, gives us her testimony.