Sophie voyage solidaire open Sri-Lanka 02/2016

Travel Testimony - Sophie, Sri-Lanka 2016


A friend in my class was also interested so I told myself “Why not?” : traveling with someone you know is always funnier.

Régine Voyage solidaire open Sri-Lanka 02/2016

Travel Testimony - Régine, Sri-Lanka 2016


My name is Régine, I’ve been working as a secretary at the "Ligue Grand-Est de Football" (Great East football league) for 35 years.

Voyage solidaire open Sri-Lanka 02/2016

Sri-Lanka, Kamburupitiya 02/2016 - Volunteers


From February 6th to 16th, UVS International organized a solidary trip open to the public.

Laura Flessel

Travel Testimony - Laura Flessel, Sri-Lanka 2015


Laura Flessel, who took part in the Solidary trip in Sri Lanka with Adidas, gives us her testimony

Sri-Lanka, Kamburupitiya 2015 - adidas


In February 2015, UVS International organised once again a humanitarian trip in close collaboration with it sponsor, Adidas. And this time, they went to Sri-Lanka.

Ecole UVS Mali 2014

Mali, Sala 2014



Cédric Kanté, UVS International’s sponsor and Simon Pouplin (Sochaux FC) went to our school in Mali in order to renovate the classroom.